Wednesday, March 12, 2008

VETI - Second Life Incubator Project at Babson College

OK, So finaly another 1.5 credit elective class I'd signed up will start today as it's a half-semester class. The class is called EPS & SECOND LIFE:BLDG VIRTUAL INCUBATOR
As you can see, it's all about Second Life. Plus, it's funded by the NCIIA.
You can find more information about the course, instructor and fund source below:

Virtual E-Team Incubator (VETI)


Social Networking System for Entrepreneurship


A Proposal to the

 National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance

From The Sloan Consortium and BabsonCollege


Dr. John R. Bourne

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, OlinCollege

Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship, BabsonCollege

Executive Director, The Sloan Consortium

Director of the Olin-BabsonCenter for Online Learning


Erin McCormick

Director of Curriculum Innovation and Technology Group, BabsonCollege

The syllabus is below:

3. The Syllabus will be something like:

Week 1: Face-to-face - what the course is about and how we will teach it, what the outcomes are to be and what we will do. Computer checking - getting up to speed.
The incubator idea.

Week 2: Starting a business in Second Life. Research on this topic. Assignment is to go talk to business owners in SL and bring back their information to class. First mention of topic proposal by students to start a business.

Week 3: Each student (individual or team) presents idea for business. Presents what they need to know that can be incorporated in an incubtor. Incubator team (the group of students building Babson's incubator) takes advice. (gives options).  Riverside presentation?

(each of the following weeks has a guest + an hour of discussion about progress of each of the teams)

Week 4: Marketing in SL - guest speaker.  MSGiro discusses marketing/or Charles Babson/
Each group reports and discusses their progress.

Week 5: Creative in SL - guest speaker
Each group reports and discusses their progress.

Week 6: Linden's in SL - guest speaker
Each group reports and discusses their progress.

Week 7: Final reports.

1. business teams - what they have done
2. incubator team - what they have done (LN Freenote heads)

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