Thursday, March 20, 2008

From Web 2.o to Enterprise 2.0

Been an interesting event this morning at Babson College. It's called "From Web 2.0 to Enterprise 2.0", co-hosted by CIMS center at Babson and MassNetCOMM. It has a great speaker, Thornton May (whom, frankly speaking, is like a lost twin of Prof. Marty Anderson! both the look and the way they talk), to throw in interesting things to challenge peole's conventional thinking. Then a presentation of MITRE's (MITRE manages Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) for the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, and Internal Revenue Service.) application of web 2.0 things in its corporate environment etc.

We had been asked to form some small groups to talk about our understanding of web 2.0 and I represented my team with the following:

- Free. yes, everything is free.
- Re-definition of Expert/Authority. I said "We don't count on NYT bestseler column to look for new book to read. We go to Amazon to check the  highest rated book. then go to Google to search for free PDF version of it."

Some other cool things from other teams:

- Option becomes fact/Face&Option are getting similar/Difficult to get consesus
- Trust drives everything
- The chaos created by UGC/web 2.0 etc actually is organizing information more like a human's brain:networked, non-linear...

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