Monday, March 24, 2008

Everything about Tibet

OK, so tibet is a hot topic so I will weigh in my opinion as a Chinese. My point is very simple. I honor everything that is fact based. It's totally OK to report things if Chinese government did kill protesters in Tibet and shame on Chinese government. But it's also a shame for media companies to 1) create story based on assumption rather than fact; 2)find evidence to support the assumption rather than fact; and 3) "innovatively" create evidence to support the assumption if cannot find real one.

So for the 1989 Tiananmen square, the fact is Chinese government did kill students there and western media etc did have people there in the venue to report. No problem. But it's very problematic for the Germany TV station to using photo about a fight between Nepal police and Tibet protester in Nepal as an evidance as if the photo was taken in Lasa, Tibet. Put Chinese aside. Are those guys try to fool ordinary Germany people as well?

I think this is a big warning for the overall media industry. And I think that's why there was a article in the US talking about the loosing of public responsbility of American publishing industry. Everyone is wooing eyeball, clicks and advertising...

No wonder the circulation is decling.

Generalization is dangerous.
Assumption is dangerous.
Taking things for granted is dangerous.

Not only dangerous for entrepreneur but also for every single human being.

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