Friday, March 07, 2008

Print file from Ubuntu laptop to windows printer at Babson

Babson is using Windows for its campus network. Making things more complex, Babson is also using Pharos system to manage those expensive Xerox 4100 printing station. Never had the need to print file from my laptop, I never bother setup the printer system at my Ubuntu laptop, till today.

So I first googled for the Linux solution to work with Pharos system. A nice post here.
But since I don't know the Pharos printing queue name, I gave up. Then I tried to connect the lonely HP laser jet 4100 in the corner of Olin study room area.  

The key thing is figure out what network protocol printer is using. In my case, I assumed it's "Windows Printer Via Samba" but it doesn't work. So I went to the printer, play with its configuration menu, printed out the configuration details page. It's JetDirect! Aha. Now it's easy. Go to Ubuntu, System=>Printing, Add new printer, in the pop-up window, type in the IP address of printer, done!

Yeah, not a very meaningful post but hey, it's a

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