Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Comparison of online outsourcing website

So I am trying to use online outsourcing websites to do a small project. It's a crowd but a marketplace with clear leading runners. Since I only used oDesk before, I decided to give every big player a try. They are:


After 12 hours, this is what I got:

oDesk.com: 24 people are interested
eLance.com: 2 bids
Guru.com: just proved my project
Getafreelancer.com: None
Getacoder.com: Said I have to pay for the posting, though initially it said I can post for free as a trial project for new user.

The getacoder and getafreelancer websites are also quite poorly designed. Seems I will just go with oDesk and eLance then.

So this is also a way to save startup significant money, along Jason Calacanis's recent post about "you have to save money",
and Fred Wilson on how to save money
Btw, those are all tips for cash-strapped startups.

Update: Now I got 6 bid on guru.com and still the 2 bid at elance.com. It's very interesting to go over previous completed projects presented by those bidders. Awesome some looks!


Josh Breinlinger said...

I hope oDesk works out for you. And of course, am interested to see your results and insights as you go through the process.

If you have any feedback for us at oDesk, just let me know.


li said...


I had already done a project at Odesk a few months ago and the result is OK.

I think simply using hourly rate works best for big, ongoing project and is more likely result in a higher price for small projects than using a fix-fee model like elance/guru.com did.


Josh Breinlinger said...

No debate there. I agree that for small, well-defined projects fixed-price payment terms are more appropriate. We did launch our own fixed-price offering about a year ago, but we will also be the first to admit that it is not as full-featured as others out there since our focus is on the longer-term hourly based work.

one small plug if i may: I've seen a good number of buyers on oDesk hire somebody on a fixed-price project, and then switch the assignment to an hourly relationship once initial project is complete. This allows for things like ongoing site maintenance on-demand for a couple hours here and there. (you can set a weekly limit to just a couple hours if appropriate).

li said...


I appreciate your unbiased option. Yes, small/well-defined projects work better for provider in a fixed price manner. And that's what I am exactly doing. That's also a good way to test developers and identify the best for a future long-term project.


DocuMaker said...

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