Friday, August 21, 2009

KDE Ubuntu 9.04 => Gnome Ubuntu 9.04

After using Kbuntu, the Ubuntu bundled with KDE Desktop environment, for about 3 months now. I decided to switch back to the Gnome version, which I used with 8.10, 6.04.

Kbuntu is quite disappointing. A few examples:

1. the desktop widget panel is a joke. Very unstable.

2. cannot connect to hidden wifi

3. cannot apply diff resolution to my external 20" LCD monitor which support 1680x1200. Instead, it can only support 1440x1024 for my 14" thinkpad and the 20" LCD

So just reinstalled the Gnome version of Ubuntu 9.04 and here are extra steps I need to take after the installation:

1. Install VPN support
aptitude -y install network-manager-vpnc vpnc

2. Install VirtualBox

3. Install must-have Firefox plugin

4.install flash player for Firefox