Saturday, March 15, 2008

Opportunity on the road

Got up at 6am this morning, driving in a heavy raining weather to drop my room mate offer in the Logan airport. Just my second time there, so I still need to pay special attention to the roadside signes along the way. Aweful. On highway, dark raining before dawn, you can imagine how bad the sight is. Wondering why Boston isn't using those special paint that can ignite automatically  at night without external power supply?Or simply using the LED technoology like products from Fluxgen Lighting Systems. I'd learned this company from a Nov Boston ENET meeting. News said quite some startups have product to replace the traditional rodeside light with new LED bubble that cause much less energy but last longer and are brighter.

Maybe for local Bostonian, you should know the road to airport by heart. But, because of this "should" or many other assumptions, people are ignoring the opportunities passby. And that's also why many revolutionary startup have founders from outside the industry.

Take nothing for granted. Now plus one more phase: Never think consumer "should". THe "should" is responsibility for suppliers.

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