Monday, July 30, 2007

Valley Boys's Kevin Rose leads a new brat pack of young entrepreneurs

The story about is one of my most favorite. For those of you who wants to start an Internet company but don't know technology that much. Digg is a best example to tell you that what matters is the busienss model, you understanding of the internet community and your guts feeling, but NOT the technology.

Digg demonstrated a few key facts:
1. the power of the crowd. Online usrs are more and more prefer opinion from peers but not from the so-called expert.
2. open, transparent and fair busienss model. Everyone 's vote is equalent. No expert needed. it's a new way of demacracy
3. and it is widely adopted by online news/blogs website. every page almost has a digg-it button..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Internet & the Stranger

I love internet and I love strangers.

Without Internet I won't be able to launch my first start-up nor meeting my wife. I love stranger because the conversation always give me the unexpected surprise. I am reading, a blog talking venture capital. The author invites people who have interest about investment, entrepreneurship etc to contact him and I suddently had the strong feeling to write this blog.

I must say, a common mistake I had seen among people is that they come with various preassumption before meeting/talking with strangers, if they decided to meet at all. Yes, there are lots liars online but it is not hard to exclude them if you did some due diligence. And if you really meet a person who you never meet before, it's like a weird chemical reaction. Two world, two minds and two brains suddently connected. Sometimes it would generate nothing but sometime it may be the catalyst for a fantastic fire...

However, I can not stand the popular way Americans meet strangers, in a noisy bar! So many beautiful grass land in the States so I am wondering why you guys prefer to yell at pub/bar and back home with a sore throat.. For this purpose, Internet is way better, is it.

I think this is also the reason why I am so into the travel things. How exciting it is to visit a totally new land, meet new people and experience new surroundings around. Guess my brain only gets excited by new things...

Embrace the Internet, Embrace the world of strangers, and Embrace the open mind.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A fund for Free Travel

If my next start-up succeed, instead of giving $ for whatever other purpose, the first thing I will do is setup a travel fund to give free ticket for anyone never visited China. Of course accommodation cost will not be covered, even though food is cheap in China. But may generate enough eyeball to attract sponsors...

I believe the best way to undestand something is to be there by yourself, with an open mind.

Travel is one of the most wonderful activity in the world.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Experience with

I had used for a while when it first emerged but then lost interest. Today, after  my old thinkpad crashed, I realized Scribd is one of the best supplementary site for can save every URL but useless for a actual document like a PDF report. While I am using and Xdrive for private document but the free space is limited(1G and 5G). Now could be the perfect website for my collection of valuable articles that can be shared with others.

So when I login to today to upload a new PDF report sent by webtrends and emarkter, I accidentally realized someone added me as friend in scribd (ok, one is scribd staff, boring. the other is not) and another added one of my uploaded article as favorite. It's cool.

Could this scribd thing(Youtube for document) be something, beside the $17M pre-money evaluation they had for series A funding? Something supplementary to Wikipedia? I see scribd a cool site to be acquired since they do have a smart way to have people sort through billions of documents in billions of computers everyday.

Sure people may upload useless files but they are risk their reputation at scribd. And this type of peer pressure is wonderful to solve the quality issue. Wikipedia is using the very same way.

It's indeed a cool way for document sharing. Or say, knowledge sharing.

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Another meaning of DBA

DBA is supposed to be read as DataBase Administrator which is one of the best IT job in the world. I had worked in a partial DBA before and the job is challenging (if you know what data you are deal with) and interesting(so many things to learn)...

Today while I am doing research for my business plan, I had learned another meaning of DBA which may be written as d/b/a as well that is Doing Business As. Guess this is a lawyer invented term?

Monday, July 23, 2007


Richard@ReadWriteweb has a good post about Parakey is “a Web operating system that can do everything an OS can do.” Translation: it makes it really easy to store your stuff and share it with the world. Most or all of Parakey will be open source, under a license similar to Firefox’s."

It's fascinating. It's like when I boot my laptop, the 'desktop' is a Firefox window and there is no things called "drive" or "folder" but individual file only with a file name and tags. "my picture" tag may either point to all pictures in my local drive or my photo album at Flickr or Google Picasa. The two can be synced too. Wow. It's cool.

To me, this may eliminate the existence of computer virus since the only executeable application is the Firefox Browser. Office productivity will be done by Google Docs or Zoho like my previous post. To me, this is a more elegant idea than Adobe AIR platform that aiming at: building a web layer beyond whatever OS you are using today, be it WIndows, OS X or Linux. This also remind me the thing I feel so disappointed by Sun Micro: Why not acquire Netscape back to 1996? With Java applet embeded in Netscape browser, Sun can builid a webOS 10 years ago.

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Other's eBay account had been hacked

FYI: This is a real story I received from a friend of mine:

My painful experience - account thief

This past Sunday night, I found out I got dozens email for "eBay
Listing Confirmed". The items listed are very good stuff with
very attractive price. Such as
for $55
The X-Files Seasons 1-9 (DVD Boxed Sets) BRAND NEW! Buy It Now
for $70.00

Total listed price is over $1000.

I immediately realized my Ebay account got hacked, so I
1. changed my password to a very difficult one(my previous was
very simple and most Chinese people like)
2. Went Ebay website, reported my case online.
3. Sent Ebay email reporting my case
4. I tried to remove the listings, but I could not, so I changed
some of the Listing titles from
such as
"The X-Files Seasons 1-9 (DVD Boxed Sets) BRAND NEW!"
"Don't bid. Listed by hacker. Reported to Ebay already."
5. Went bed with a rabbit in my heart.
6. In the morning, to my surprise that I got 3 congratulations
emails from Ebay:"Congratulations, your item sold!"
and one buyer even already paid.
7. I was unhappy that Ebay did not do anything overnight, so I
emailed to all the buyers that "Don't pay".
8. A buyer emailed me back:
Item: Don't bid. Listed by hacker. Reported to Ebay already.
"xxxxx" is the winner.
Since i had saved this item, i did not see the notice not to bid
until it was too late. Can you have this item removed without
negative feedback. Much appreciated.
9. The person who paid called me back, but he nor me can do
10. I tried to call Ebay, but I could not find the phone #. I
found the a "live chat" on I chatted with a person,
and she/he could not do anything, but instructed me to use
"secure live chat", that is, log in first. After about 40
minutes waiting a guy came on line. He asked my many questions
and even called me confirming my identity.
11. This secure chat person did a great job. He removed all the
listings, refund all my listing fee(about $100), and promised me
to help to get money back from the person who already paid.
12. The person who paid, gave me the name of the people who
received money. They are li zhou and dian zhi you jian.
13. The secure chat person will do more investigation about this
account thief.
14. So far, after spending many hours, everything seems fine

What the account theft did and what he/she would do:
chose Sunday night listed items. Buy It Now only for three days.
Since they were priced good, and all may be sold in three days
by "Buy It Now". The thief chose XXX's paypal account to
receive buyers' money. Then the money go to XXX and
YYY's paypal account.

XXX and
YYY may be a victim also, because my
account theft may be also an identity theft who stole XXX
YYY's IDs.

The account theft may use an fake ID, or
XXX/YYY's ID, opened an
bank account/Paypal account and used a public PC logged/created
email/paypal account, so the police may never get them.

If I did not check my email for a few days, the account thief
may get the check from Paypal or money goes to their bank
account. After they get money, they run and leave over $1000
mess for me and the buyers.

Lessons learned: Passwords to any accounts should be as
difficult as possible, monitor all your accounts as often as
possible, read email as much as possible, but don't get fooled
by fishing email.

Be careful!

DanWei has a fabulous blog post to demonstrate the reasoning process of western people. I think traditionally Chinese are good on those debate but we are far lagging behind. ANd I agree that Chinese government should put more pressure on Sudan. For whatever reason, killing hundres of thousands of people will make the reason absurd. And for the same reason, even though I strongly believe Taiwan is part of China but if a war really occur because Taiwan declare the independence later, I doubt I will support the war.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

iResearch - China Internet Highlight











2006年,中国网民平均上网时间居世界第一。美国调研机构Ipsos Insight的最新调查结果则显示,中国网民平均每周在线时间为17.9小时


2006年中国游戏产业报告》显示,中国网络游戏用户为3260万人,比上年增长23.8%;国内网络游戏全年市场销售总收入为65.4亿元,比上年增长 73.5%。与此同时,网络游戏产业的快速发展,为电信、IT、媒体和传统出版业等相关产业创造的产值分别达210.5亿元、83.3亿元和39.4亿元,分别比上年增长了21.4%、16.3%和6.2%。根据预测,2007年至2011年,中国网络游戏年复合增长率将达到30.2%。

而据非盈利组织Pew互联网和美国生活计划(Pew Internet and American Life Project)公布的调查结果显示,互联网在美国人日常生活中扮演的角色越来越重要。



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Saturday, July 21, 2007

OReilly plus OSTG Inc plus Sun Microsystems

(I am merging my two blog together so here is a post from another old blog of mine. Bear with me.)

O'reilly is further towards the position to be the chief evangelist of leading Information Technologies in the world. They realized knowledge distribution is the best way to promote such a goal and their press business already one of the best. By setting up Safari U, organizing series gathering for top technical names such as Perl, Apache and Linux, O'reilly already gained enough credit. Quite like a professor in a Ivy league university, nothing but reputation and good life.

OSTG's slashdot and sourceforge are just like IBM and Intel in the computer industry. While their mother company, VA software, became very silent for a long time after their astonishing IPO back to 2000.

And comes Sun Microsystems. Once another evangelist and warrior of the Freedom of Technology, now paying more attention to survive instead of leading. Java is becoming a successful kid of the whole IT industry but contribute so few to Sun's P&L sheet. By acquiring those storage firms, Sun is struggling to find the right position for itself. Seems another long way to go.

The relationship and contribution of Slashdot and sourceforget for VA is very the same compare with Java and Sun. So what's a possible path for those two once-prominent players? IMHO, one not-that-bad approach is to merge those three companies together to form an enterprise that focus on providing anything to promote IT around the world. This new entity will have community, sufficient expertise, infrastructure, money, credit and experience. It could make sourceforge 10 times better to host, promote and help individuals and SMEs across the world to leverage their intelligence to explore every possibility, it would lower the cost, faster the R&D-to-market process and broader arena. It could create a online Wal-mart for Software and Service. It could make any start-up or individual save more time by avoiding painful CVS setup, server hosting whatsever. It would be the best place to name top 10, top 100 of technologies in the world, instead of so many other rankings. For anyone interested in IT, it's the one-stop place to visit.

If Sun doesn't want to be another DEC, do it.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Applicationless Windows

No matter what OS I am using, Windows or Linux, 99.99% of the time Firefox is the only application i am running. Sure I admit my laptop is slow so I am avoiding running too many to suck my laptop memory out but then it's more than that. It's convenient and it's fast too.

There is meebo that you can login to all (but skype) your IM services, ICQ/MSN Messenger/Yahoo! Messenger/Gtalk... And I am using Zoho and Google Docs for my need of Microsoft Office. And Zamzar is doing all the document conversion for you, pdf<=>doc, mpeg<=> name it. Sure I have web email service to replace Outlook. Is there any other cool online service I forget? Oh, I am using suck since doesn't allow me to upload >10M file with free account) and AOL Xdrive (u can choose to install an desktop client to map a local drive to upload/download your file w/out any size limitation). If you are using any, let me know. I am also considering upload all my photos to Flickr someday so no need to burn DVD to store them... Guess will do this wkd.

You know what, I am really wondering when I can simply stop using Norton Antivirus (very soon I think) since I don't care about Virus anymore. why? 1) I don't open Office document with MS office software anymore but Zoho or Google Docs so the most famous Macro Virus embeded inside Office files won't affect me anymore. 2) I am using Firefox plus No Script plugin     so that almost no online malware etc can hurt my computer in the way malwares can do with IE. 3) No more offline data and XP support nice system restore(though I never tried yet) so even my computer was affected by virus, just a restore will solve it.

Poor Microsoft fella. but they are rolling out the Live series of services like Live Hotmail, Live Search etc. Good for them.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Class, New Professor, New Venture

We are going to have a cool new elective class for 2nd year study at Babson.
Course No. Title Days Time(s) Instructor(s) Location Enroll/Cap Credits
Adler, Robert  0 of 42 1.50

"I did my undergrad at Brown University and went on to get an MBA from Harvard Business School. These days I am also an adjunct professor in the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College, serve on the board of Samantha's Harvest, a non-profit focused on awareness and support for Down syndrome, and am a member of the Jimmy Fund Visiting Committee at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute."
FYI, this company he co-founded had received 12M VC funding already and for anyone participated in the VCIC event this year, the first bplan we got about a company called CCBN? He helped to launch that one as well..

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Webless Interenet

For many people, Internet = Web = IE/Firefox. Not really. There are many great Internet application without a web presence. Instant Messaging like ICQ/AIM, Email with client software like Outlook. And a popular trend seems now is weblize non-web application sucha s Meebo is doing for instant messaging market. Email had a web presence for a very long time back to Hotmail. So my point is, how about the other way around? Webless web application? Adobe AIR platform is a clear idea towards this trends. eBay just released the beta version of their Project San Dimas which is going to be a desktop application that users can do whatever they are doing with now in a better way. How about flash? How about we flashlize existing web applications? For example, a flash based SNS website or a flash based search clients. Flash has many unique advantage against HTML/Ajax and it would be interesting to see how this will develop in the near future.



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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Old Sh*t but New future

Aggregate Knowledge creates automated “behavior recommendations” for websites - things like “people who look at this also looked at” and “people who bought this also bought” features.
This and are two wonderful examples shows how to be a successful start-up by leveraging technology/service that are really commodity today. Yep. Same technology but new application. Great.

Can we be a hosting service provider of online discussion board?forum?
Can we be a hosting service provider of online registration?
Can we be a honesting service provider of online email?

First widget

I had read articles about Widget for a long time and love the potentials. Now finally add my first widget to this blog and the whole process is just super easy and fanscinating. No wonder this start-up, lijit, just got US$3.3M series B funding. It's almost fully automated process though I am wondering I had disclosed so many personal info to lijit. but, am I the person telling JG that younger generation doesn't care much about privacy any more???

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Entrepreneurship info in CHina

WHile doing a bunch of research for my next possible venture's China operation, did lots of research in recent time and here are some may be useful for others (Most of them are in Chinese. But you want to try Google translation service):

The successful story of in China, leading IT/car review site. The founder is just 25 years old now and has an annual revenue around US$10M.

Shanghai government will waive the debt that had been guaranteed by the local government for  local entrepreneurs to try SME project.

Overview of policies to support Chinese studied oversea in Guangdong Province

And a bunch of other websites that have useful info in this topic:



助新网, 北京中关村高新技术企业协会和中关村科技园区海淀园技术合同登记处联合网站


- 北京市科委认证或在中关村科技园区内(包括:海淀、丰台、昌平、亦庄、电子城、德胜和健翔园)认证注册的高新技术企业以及符合北京市产业发展政策的中小企业

1st Year Option
1 、 留学归国人员创业企业贷款担保


     额度和期限:主要为流动资金贷款,申请额度原则上不超过 100 万元,期限为一年或一年内;

     优惠政策:简化的评审程序,在全部受理资料备齐后的十个工作日内出具评审意见;年担保费率在基准费率的基础上下浮20 %; 贷款银行执行基准贷款利率。 管委会对符合条件的企业给予利息 50% 和担保费 1% 补贴。

2st Year Option
5 、 海淀园中小企业贷款绿色行动

    基本条件:在中关村科技园区海淀园注册的中小型高科技企业;注册资金不低于 30 万元,资产负债率不高于 60% ;年销售收入不低于 50 万元,且保持盈利。

New tax law for high-tech start-ups:
Tax: 自获利年度起两年内免征企业所得税,免税期满后减按15%的税率征收企业所得税。

1. 申请办理“留学人员创业企业资格证明”所需材料


   1. 企业法人营业执照副本
   2. 验资报告
   3. 公司章程
   4. 新技术企业资格证书,
   5. 留学人员身份证明,
   6. 护照



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Monday, July 02, 2007

A cool video intro about web 2.0

I seldom wathc youtube video mainly because already have enough other stuff to read/watch. Everthing needs attention. Then I found this  video from Ling Zhang's blog. IT's just amazing...

One of the angle that this video is talking about is the topic of my next post, the Data. Stay tuned...

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