Friday, March 21, 2008

Traffic surging causing problem for Google Reader?

So NYT said that the web traffic generated from mobile devices is surging for Google. No surprise, if considering the fact everyday I am reading 20-50 RSS feeds at Google Reader via my Dell PDA. Even though it's smaller screen compare to may laptop, it's more efficient. No other website distraction since IE 4.0 on mobile doesn't support Tab browsing. I can simly mark the feed I like with "star" in Google Reader so that I can follow up later. But is this traffic surging also create troubles? I always got "Page Error" while clicking next feed link in Google Reader throughout this week. But the error was gone if I reload the page. So google doesn't have enough server for handling traffic from mobile? You know Google renders every web page into a mobile-friendly version if you access it from your mobile device.

Any here also had this problem? Not  a big deal but annoying..

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