Monday, July 16, 2007

Webless Interenet

For many people, Internet = Web = IE/Firefox. Not really. There are many great Internet application without a web presence. Instant Messaging like ICQ/AIM, Email with client software like Outlook. And a popular trend seems now is weblize non-web application sucha s Meebo is doing for instant messaging market. Email had a web presence for a very long time back to Hotmail. So my point is, how about the other way around? Webless web application? Adobe AIR platform is a clear idea towards this trends. eBay just released the beta version of their Project San Dimas which is going to be a desktop application that users can do whatever they are doing with now in a better way. How about flash? How about we flashlize existing web applications? For example, a flash based SNS website or a flash based search clients. Flash has many unique advantage against HTML/Ajax and it would be interesting to see how this will develop in the near future.



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