Friday, July 27, 2007

Internet & the Stranger

I love internet and I love strangers.

Without Internet I won't be able to launch my first start-up nor meeting my wife. I love stranger because the conversation always give me the unexpected surprise. I am reading, a blog talking venture capital. The author invites people who have interest about investment, entrepreneurship etc to contact him and I suddently had the strong feeling to write this blog.

I must say, a common mistake I had seen among people is that they come with various preassumption before meeting/talking with strangers, if they decided to meet at all. Yes, there are lots liars online but it is not hard to exclude them if you did some due diligence. And if you really meet a person who you never meet before, it's like a weird chemical reaction. Two world, two minds and two brains suddently connected. Sometimes it would generate nothing but sometime it may be the catalyst for a fantastic fire...

However, I can not stand the popular way Americans meet strangers, in a noisy bar! So many beautiful grass land in the States so I am wondering why you guys prefer to yell at pub/bar and back home with a sore throat.. For this purpose, Internet is way better, is it.

I think this is also the reason why I am so into the travel things. How exciting it is to visit a totally new land, meet new people and experience new surroundings around. Guess my brain only gets excited by new things...

Embrace the Internet, Embrace the world of strangers, and Embrace the open mind.

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