Friday, July 20, 2007

Applicationless Windows

No matter what OS I am using, Windows or Linux, 99.99% of the time Firefox is the only application i am running. Sure I admit my laptop is slow so I am avoiding running too many to suck my laptop memory out but then it's more than that. It's convenient and it's fast too.

There is meebo that you can login to all (but skype) your IM services, ICQ/MSN Messenger/Yahoo! Messenger/Gtalk... And I am using Zoho and Google Docs for my need of Microsoft Office. And Zamzar is doing all the document conversion for you, pdf<=>doc, mpeg<=> name it. Sure I have web email service to replace Outlook. Is there any other cool online service I forget? Oh, I am using suck since doesn't allow me to upload >10M file with free account) and AOL Xdrive (u can choose to install an desktop client to map a local drive to upload/download your file w/out any size limitation). If you are using any, let me know. I am also considering upload all my photos to Flickr someday so no need to burn DVD to store them... Guess will do this wkd.

You know what, I am really wondering when I can simply stop using Norton Antivirus (very soon I think) since I don't care about Virus anymore. why? 1) I don't open Office document with MS office software anymore but Zoho or Google Docs so the most famous Macro Virus embeded inside Office files won't affect me anymore. 2) I am using Firefox plus No Script plugin     so that almost no online malware etc can hurt my computer in the way malwares can do with IE. 3) No more offline data and XP support nice system restore(though I never tried yet) so even my computer was affected by virus, just a restore will solve it.

Poor Microsoft fella. but they are rolling out the Live series of services like Live Hotmail, Live Search etc. Good for them.

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