Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Experience with

I had used for a while when it first emerged but then lost interest. Today, after  my old thinkpad crashed, I realized Scribd is one of the best supplementary site for can save every URL but useless for a actual document like a PDF report. While I am using and Xdrive for private document but the free space is limited(1G and 5G). Now could be the perfect website for my collection of valuable articles that can be shared with others.

So when I login to today to upload a new PDF report sent by webtrends and emarkter, I accidentally realized someone added me as friend in scribd (ok, one is scribd staff, boring. the other is not) and another added one of my uploaded article as favorite. It's cool.

Could this scribd thing(Youtube for document) be something, beside the $17M pre-money evaluation they had for series A funding? Something supplementary to Wikipedia? I see scribd a cool site to be acquired since they do have a smart way to have people sort through billions of documents in billions of computers everyday.

Sure people may upload useless files but they are risk their reputation at scribd. And this type of peer pressure is wonderful to solve the quality issue. Wikipedia is using the very same way.

It's indeed a cool way for document sharing. Or say, knowledge sharing.

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