Friday, February 08, 2008

Marketing for Entrepreneur class at Babson College

I am keeping have great professors and courses at Babson College at my last semester study. Bob Caspe, a serial entrepreneur, is teaching Marketing for Entrepreneur class as an elective course for MBA students at Babson College. His rich startup experience allows him to really get the key point and have us focus on what's the most important thing, if only one thing, for us to do.

After conversation with him, I realized how much entrepreneurs are obessed with what they could do (the bright future) but not what they should do (the crucial reality). Bob urge us to simply focus on generating cash flow asap, talking to customers right away even without your product ready. Why? Having customers atest your product/service idea to see if the CVP is strong enough, to see if the hypothesis is right.

The format of the class is also interesting. Every student can pitch idea at the first class to try to recruit other students in the class to join forces. Everyone must end up either running own team or being part of others' team. While Bob will teach key part of startup process in every class, he also ask 3 team a time to present in each class to update the class their recent progress and discuss issues with the rest classmates.

Fortunately M and I have a team with J and A. Thank you J and A! It's a great pleasure to see people are having interest in Rilik.

Also as Bob agreed, I will share his excellent "Marketing for Entrepreneur" class materials here: the handbook itself and the course description. It's very helpful to read through.

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Sean said...


Thanks for a synopsis on the class. I always learn something from other experienced entrepreneurs. Bob's recommendations are right on.

Sounds like a really good class. Good luck.