Sunday, February 17, 2008

A classmate of my "marketing for entrepreneur" class had mentioned a very interesting startup  during the class when my team presented our startup idea. This startup is, co-founded by Jeremy Lappi, fomer co-founder of Following is a quick summary of its biz model that I found quite amusing. Actually, if replacing "job" or "recruiting" with "travel" at its "about us" page, that's my startup:)

1. Bountyjob let company post a bonus for each position
2. bountyjob hold the money from company for 60 days before passing to recruiter
3. making competitive information available for everyone. Like will u want to work on a bid where 20 ppl are working on now or a big only 3 are working on?
4. track record of each recruiter
5. recruiter pay for every resume submitted  if the recruiter not elected by the company
6. remove the burden on recruiter to do sales/bd with companies

CVP for recruiters:

- outsource bd/sales
- improve your time efficiency
- we handle all paperwork, colelction with company

major changes since launch:
- rank all post by company's last login date so active company get better  position

additional info:

Interivew at ERE 2007

By 2007, 3000 recruiters, 40%-50% active, closing 2 deals a day,

Interivew at Recruiting Lounge co-founder Ron Elitzur. interview part 1 and part 2. Including  a quick demo of its website. Useful since it's not open for public.

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