Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Meebo Chatter from my blog

After I installed Meebo widget at this blog almost half a year ago, I'd seen couple of folks reading my blog via this meebo widget. But unfortunately, only had one classmate once said "Hi" via the meebo widget.

So two days ago, while I was working online, a stranger suddently shot me a question via the meebo widget "Can I ask a question about Dell X50 and Skype?" WOW. It's amazing. Like finally an alien had sent a message to the earth. Sadly the guy didn't say anything else...Unreliable wireless signal from his neightbourhood, I guess!

Then this is a big thing. While companies such as liveperson is offering those online webchat tool for companies like T-Mobile etc to offer customer service on the fly, this Meebo thing could be more pervasive. So not only I can enjoy asynchronized communication with bloggers via comment or email, but I may be able to do real-time communication. That's awesome! So people seeking quick response may just search Meebo's Widget Expert Directory (a cool idea for new product, Meebor!) rather than go to using other P2p consulting service like Gerson Lehrman Group Councils
(where I am a signed domain expert of Internet industry in China:-).

Then consider the "Meebo Room" feature, what if there is an Expert channel has people with different domain expertise? Consider Meebo's big user base, will this be a killer app to kill other asynchronized Q&A service such as yahoo! answer, Baidu Zhidao and P2P consulting service such as Ether?

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