Friday, February 22, 2008

Compaq C700 - Ubuntu Linux - Wireless Setup

Finally had enough with firefox's poor performance at Windows vista. It takes 500M+ memory! So I decided to continue my Ubuntu linux journey.

As Linux is "notoriously" great for old hardware, Ubuntu inevitablly had problem again at my newly purchased Compaq C700 in Dec 2007. Everything is fine but the most important wireless. It's a broadcom BCM93411 chip and Ubuntu has difficult to get it working. Seems simply because Ubuntu 7.1, the newest version, doesn't include the driver for this new wireless chip. But here is a great solution.

Then after a while, I realized sometimes firefox lost keyboard focus. That means firefox doesn't response to my keyboard input and seems it's due to the fact I am using SCIM input system as the default input since it allows me to input Chinese...But here is another solution for this problem.

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