Sunday, February 24, 2008

12 hour difference

I just realize this may be a quite big thing. I subscribed to the Chinese version of Financial Times and WSJ back to 2005. And read them since then. Never feel any thing special but till 2 minutes ago.

What's wrong? Now it's Sunday evening, Feb 24th in Boston but already Monday morning, Feb 25th in Beijing. So I start reading news of Feb 25th actually when I am still in Feb 24th. Interesting feeling, huh. Feel like a time machine...

So it's globalization. Quite sure every Wall Street banker may check out what's going on in China/Asia the first thing when they are at their Feb 25th Monday morning tomorrow... So what if a Chinese customer wanna talk to someone in the States to do a deal? What if a Chinese/Asian competitor such as Samsung launched a new attach of Motorola mobile biz today in Seoul but the Motorola CEO finds most employee are in Sunday-evening-tv-show-watching mood? Yeah, authorize the power to local team. But, weird feeling, huh.

So if there is a guy in Beijing going to read my blog, he will find out I am posting from the "past"...

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