Monday, October 01, 2007

Skype experience

I had been an active user of Skype for a long time since moved to US. No such a cheap phone card like in Canada here at Boston. Most of my call is with J at Thailand as an one-to-one calling. Then start doing conference call when M getting introduced. Overall SKype deliveries what it promised and I am an active paid user of almost all skype's premium service such as SkypeIn number, voicemail, $25 for all North America call etc.

Then suddently started talking about SKype after home.

1. K brought the news that eBay just changed (*fired*) the CEO/co-founder of Skype to Chairman due to its poor finance performance. I always wonder why eBay bought Skype in the very beginning. Same doubt for eBay's acquisition of StumbleUpon. No synergy IMHO. Best acquisition target should be the one can adding more auctionable items to eBay such as my lunch time etc.

2. Then our EEM study group tried to do a Skype conference call with 6 people. Turned out to be quite a challenge. We end up with group chat via Skype rather than group talking. Or should we try the free conference call service at all. The service gives you a free 800 number to call in. (So disappointed with for the 1st time that I cannot upload/convert the syllabus file of Extended Enterprise Management so I am with this time)

Tomo has no class. Then it means I will be busier...

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