Tuesday, October 02, 2007

TripAdvisor acquisition story

First of all, recommend a great news website for the travel and lodging industry: Hotel Marketing

I just found a interesting post at Hotel marketing about TripAdvisor acquired 5 small travel community/content website in a roll this May.

I did a quick check of those 5 sites and following are their Alexa status (I know, I know, Alexa isn't trustworth but better than nothing)

travel-library.com, 14,624
BookingBuddy.com, 13,581
SmarterTravel.com, 18,712

seatguru.com, 27,078
Travel Blogs:
travelpod.com, 21,957

All those websites operates in a biz model like this: some UGC + some Other's content + Ticket/hotel search (revenue source)

My quick conclusion:

1. Content is king for online travel and people trust UGC
2. It's very scattered. So TripAdvisor is trying to consolidate to be the No.1

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