Saturday, October 27, 2007

Website vs. Web Presence

 I am wondering about the real value of a website for business recently.


It's so web 1.0 for any company to have a .com website today. As a communication tool initially, a corporate website is really outdated. the channel and conversation happens 99% of the time anywhere but the corporate website. A company should focus on building a Web Presence but not a website. A web presence means many common web activities people are doing everyday:

- put your software driver to CNET's
- run your marketing program at Facebook if targeting Gen Yers.
- do product intro at leading review website
- Sell product at
- setup online support at

why you need a website? When others can achieve the same goal with less fixed investment? larger audience?

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Cameron McGrane said...

Great point. Companies that will succeed implementing your observation are the ones who can let go of control. And have employees who are prepared to put themselves out there and say "I am from company x and am proud of it. How about I teach you something special today?".
What percentages of U.S companies have smart employees who love the place they work and can be authentic when they step out side the firewall to consume such services?