Monday, October 22, 2007

RE: opinion as you can..

I think you are actually making a very good point related to Marin's previous Internet game platform. I think Internet is begin to dissembly itself into many parts, very different than web 1.0 when portals like Excite@home tried to be one for all. However, this dissembly is necessary to have a bigger integration. Sorta like web service.
Vruz's comment is right about Flock is not an organic integrator and it will fade away.
Twitter is a very good example here. By createing a micro-blog platform, it enables twitter to twit everywhere so it's always with you, either by a firefox addon or by mobile or by email. It's immersive.
Also this is related to the reason I think Yahoo! will just fail because it till now didn't get the reason why it failed the fight against Google. Google is an ecosystem play. By helping all the others making money (startups and blogger using adsense, people use gmail to avoid paying Yahoo! Mail Pro account and the same for Google Docs), Google is gaing fundamental support. Look at Yahoo, who cares? The only user I believe that using yahoo today is for people either used to access Yahoo from the '99 days or trapped by switch-cost such as email account. I could NOT find any reason I will use Yahoo if I dont have a Yahoo! email account. 
Look at Google's recent add other search engine links to its own search result page including Yahoo!, Ask etc. That's the best way to show confidence."sorry, I just don't count you guys as my competitor anymore..."
Yahoo! had done its thing. Someone else will carry on.
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Hi guys,

As you can, Im interested in your thoughts here. I dont comment on blogs much, but i did on this one as it got me thinking given all the points you 2 have made on better information aggregation, visualization etc.. See my comment..

In watching friends on facebook, myspace, flickr, different IMs, blog networks, etc.. I get totally frustrated in point to point page view navigation,

This concept of a social graph, for me is a bit overplayed. But indeed graphs and tree structures are much better understood and navigated visually. So i envision a sort of CNET big picture service for all the ever increasing web 2.0 open platforms and UG content and actions. To be honest, I even want to see my emails and IMs from you two integrated with your UG trail on the web.. Your activities and messages of interest to me all come from YOU regardless of whether you are addressing me specifically or indirectly.

If this all including my blog comment doesnt make any sense, well dont worry about it ;-)


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