Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference at UNC Chapel Hill

Seems most posts after graduation here are recovering things happened earlier. Nonetheless, this one is talk about the 2008 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference at UNC Chapel Hill from 06/03 to 06/07 this year.

My fellowship professors at Babson College, Bill Bygrave and Julian Lange, are kind enough to put my name at a research paper that I've worked for as a research fellow at Blank Center of Babson College.

It's a very unique conference. First of the kind to me. Definitely I was the only one there with a master degree but not in a Ph.D program.  There are a large turn out of Chinese scholar and Ph.D students. Surprisingly, female was in a dominant position of Ph.D student, percentage wise. The only male Chinese Ph.D student is from Syracuse University who is originally from Taiwan with startup experience.

My biggest surprise is how far from or how little interest many academic researchers have from the real entrepreneurship activities, or connect with the real startup world. Bplan related research is one of the biggest example for it.

For those of you haven't been such a conference before, here is a list of materials from the conference:

2008 BCERC-1- UNC Schedule.pdf 

2008 BCERC-2- UNC Doctoral Consortium.pdf

2008 BCERC-3- UNC Conference Summaries.pdf

2008 BCERC-5- UNC Conference Directory.pdf  

2008 BCERC-4- UNC Authors & Titles.pdf

This conference is sponsored by Kauffman Foundation and UNC at Chapel Hill

Btw, I also think BCERC could use a service like to store/distribute above pdf files without bothering with CD. Less cost. Less waste. But may not be good for Mixonic I've interviewed at SF.

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