Saturday, July 05, 2008

How Net-Temps can improve its CrossRoads career newsletter

Though hasn't find much Product Manager opening I am looking for, or at least Indeed search engine hasn't any from it, it does send weekly "Crossroads Jobseeker News" email with many interesting articles (even though mainly serving the advertising purpose for many recruiting consultants and firms).

Since I am searching opening as Product Manager, I've found a few things Net-Temps can improve its Email Product:

1. Change the title of each article from default "Crossroads Newsletter and Career Development Center" to the ACTUAL title of each article. This will not only help reader like me to search previous article from Firefox History much easier (from usability perspective) but also improve search engine ranking (from SEM/SEO perspective) and better ROI for its consultant customers so a higher fee or more customer may sign up (from Revenue perspective).

click the following two links and you know what I mean:

2.  Increase the integration with consultant customer's website

Take this article for example, "How to Avoid Laundry List Resumes". Like many other articles from Net-Temps, at the end of article, it will display a link to consultant's website and a brief intro of the service.

It's OK but why doesn't make it better? At the end of this article, it reads:

Heather Eagar is a former professional resume writer who provides job seekers with current, reliable and effective job search tools and information. Compare top resume writing services to find the best one for you at

Cool but I may only become Heather's client if I do click the link to her website. But why should I click the link? Because I am searching job? That's a too-naive assumption. Rather, maybe Net-Temps can display a simplified version of the comparison chart at the end of this article. Just like a free trial, if a reader can see what it is, the chance to click will be greatly increased. How much %? Not sure but that's also part of Product Manager's job, is it? Creating a series test to see the best approach.

3. Shorten steps to acquire a potential customer/buyer

At this article, Soaring On Your Strengths Lands the BIG Job ,Robin Ryan is trying to sell his newest book "Soaring on Your Strengths.". And at the end of this article, his personal website,, is logically provided. So the purpose of this article is really to bring potential buyer of his book to there. I didn't visit his website at all but could imagine some marketing practices may be adopted there such as offering a chapter to dowload for free (too bad if he doesn't)... But if the possibility for a visitor to buy his book is highly correlated to the dowload of the free chapter, then why not offer the download link directly here at the bottom of this Net-Temps article? After all, the purpose is to SELL the book but NOT adding one more visitor.

There are a few more areas I think can be improved but I have to stop my creative mind here as a Product manager but back to the process of searching a Product Manager role. Sadly, after checking current opening at Net-temps corporation, there is no Product Manager opening...

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