Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trip planning for 2nd California interview trip and Micro-Economy thought deriviated from it

Just spent about 2 hours to figure out how to take public transportation in San Jose area using, Google Transit, and The trip planner offered by 511 Transit for Bay area.
Why? because I was shocked that Car rental companies want to charge me for $150 for a 2-day rental while I only paid $171 in total for an one-week rental just two weeks ago. Rip me off, eh?

But finally, I've figured out how to do so, to travel between San Jose Airport and My friend's place in Cupertino, as well as between my friend's place in Cupertino and Redwood Shore that my 2nd round interview will be held.

What's the ROI? So assume a typical hourly rate for a recent MBA graduate like me is $25/hour (can also be $0 since I dont have a job yet), so 2 hour is $50 and the public expense is by caltrain is about $5.75x2=$11.5 + bus fare so about $70 in total which gives me a 30% saving.

Then, will it be good to get the same result from people living in the Bay area? Yahoo! Answers is cool but not real time and  you don't know what you will get since it's a free service. Calling friend is another option but not helpful as most are driving. Ideally, there should be  marketplace of micro-economy that serving those small needs. I am happy to pay $5 to get a detailed How-To for my need, which is very much like what Marin had described before as an idea. (He is smart!)

Anyway, get ready to go back to California for the 2nd time in

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