Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trip in the Valley -05/26

(some posts I want to write way earlier but almost no time during my trip in the Silicon Valley two weeks ago. so tired everyday after meeting 3 to 5 people then got K's place at 9 something...But it's a great memory so I am rebuilding my trip with the  help of my Google Calendar)

So I am in the Silicon Valley now. Sitting in the starbucks at Cupertino for its paid wireless service. Ironically, I cannot find a free wifi from my friend's neighbourhood after the Verizon technican accidentanlly disabled his phone and DSL service though he is just asking for disabeling the phone service so that he can switch to 100% IP phone service. So how much productivity I am loosing because of that? I could be an amazing number if we add from all the other people facing similiar problem. Maybe that'd be big enough to persuade city hall to push forward the free citi-wifi program but it also may be the reason for carriers such as Verizon to use to defend their hostile against those program internally. If the city hall understand how important it is, they should do it definitely. I am also wondering if every other region wants to duplicate a similar or something close to Silicon Valley's success, they should focus on building a world-class infrastructure service first. Wifi/WiMax everywhere. waive tax on "enabler" devices (or more accurately, platform devices) such as iPhone or XBOX 360/PS 3 game console. Why? Because those devices can create a enough demand for a new starutp. It's stupid to treat those as treating dumb electronics such as microwave or toast. How much new service can 100,000 microwave generate? But 100,000 iPhone may be good enough to support a iPhone game company to develop something...

Anyway, today's plan is to meet Su from HP and Zhu who had own startup in the Bay area. I am having lunch with Su's family and it's a very nice thing. He is happy to refer me to some opening position at HP and I very appreciated. (Update: I do receive email from HP HR division for a follow up talk but my first reply seems missed the point. anyway, back to this later when I blog about my lunch with Kent from Pond Ventures). Zhu is also looking for good opportunities to monetize his patent in the mobile video area and checking possibility to do it in China. My comment is maybe can do something to improve user experience with his patent.

(Two meeting today but then later on you and me will realize it's  a very "light" day!)

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