Monday, November 19, 2007

FW: [Entrepreneurs] Interested in expanding your entrepreneurialventure to France?

Harvard College Entrepreneurship Forum

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*Are you considering or currently starting a technology venture?** Think
global. *

The fiercely competitive global technology market is a challenge to any
entrepreneur, and the key to success is being able to internationalize your
vision and activities at an early stage. *France's Young Entrepreneurs
Initiative* can help you achieve your goal through *a free, personalized,
one stop service*.

France is evolving quickly and now offers significant advantages to
innovators and entrepreneurs

- World class R&D labs and business hubs ready to partner with technology

- Highly skilled workforce and labour costs 20% to 50% lower than in the US

- Fertile, productive business environment - advantages and benefits for

- Access to European R&D partners projects,funding and markets

US-based entrepreneurs selected to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs
Initiative will benefit from mentoring, funding and a networking program to
help them *study the feasibility of setting up* their venture *in France, *the
stepping stone to Europe.

The Young Entrepreneurs Initiative (YEi) offers one stop access to :

*- Mentoring and $US600k funding*

- A network of successful entrepreneurs

- Lead customers and business clusters

- Business Angels, VC groups, and grants for high tech startups

- Technology clusters and shared platforms

- Incubators and local venture ecosystems

*To apply* for the YEi Program (until November 30th) , please visit:

The Young Entrepreneurs Initiative is *a non for profit program* managed by
the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United

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