Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FW: ENET's Entrepreneurial Minute Opportunity

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Subject: ENET's Entrepreneurial Minute Opportunity

ENET's Entrepreneurial Minute Opportunity - Fostering Growth in Early Stage Companies

Are you raising capital?  Building your Board?  Developing a business plan?  Launching a new product?  Seeking a beta site?

New in its second year, The Entrepreneurial Minute, (eMinute) is an innovative program by the Boston Entrepreneurs' Network designed to help early stage companies overcome the challenges of growing a successful business.  The eMinute opportunity provides early stage companies with a forum to present their business challenge directly to angel investors, venture capital firms, service providers and potential partners in attendance at ENET's monthly networking meetings.  eMinutes are also included in the following month's eMinute "email blast", providing additional publicity  to over 1700 members of our database.

eMinute Presenters at the next ENET Meeting Tuesday, December 4, 2007:

Fluxgen:  Steve Grovo, VP Sales/Marketing

Cover4Me:  Laila Partridge, CEO

TextTelevision:  Dennis Downey, Founder

The eMinutes from our November 2007 meeting appear later in this message.  Page down and learn about:

Speeding Bullet



You do not need to be an ENET or IEEE member to benefit from eMinute!

Previous presenters have said this about their eMinute experiences:

"The Entrepreneurial Minute was, from a business development perspective, the most productive five minutes of my career!" - Jay Johnson, CEO, Synersoft,

"The eMinute was a great opportunity to get our message out to a diverse audience, and I am grateful to the Boston ENET for making it possible!" - Ray Deck, President, Element55: Automatic Time Capture.

How it Works.   Each month, one to three entrepreneurs will be selected to give a 1-minute (250 words) overview of their concept and business challenge.  Send your application summary in today to be included in an upcoming program.  How to apply:   Entrepreneurs will be prescreened by ENET prior to presenting.

The next ENET meeting is Tuesday, December 4, at the Bay Colony Corporate Center, 1100 Winter Street, Waltham, MA.  The topic is "Protecting and Leveraging Intellectual Property".  More information is available at the ENET website:

Previous eMinutes from November 2007

Ed Berliner, Speeding Bullet

Speeding Bullet Media Group has offices in both Massachusetts and Florida, locally in Quincy, MA.  Ed Berliner has over 25 years as a media veteran in TV, radio, Internet and production.  The management team has over 100 years combined experience in all phases of media production and syndication.  Target market is regional/national/global, producing the world's first web site dedicated to news/sports coverage utilizing video and audio only. feeds the growing desire for multi-media programming available via the Internet.  Regional coverage with correspondents is not available on any other site.  Varied reports/original programming/viewer interaction is not available on any other site.  Research indicates increasing sponsorship dollars on Internet programming with falling numbers on traditional TV and radio.

The only challenge at this point is marketing.  Our plan involves guerilla marketing with links provided by other established web sites, using YouTube and MySpace popularity to our advantage and at no cost.  Investor funds will be used for staff, technical (Internet) delivery, webmaster, hiring of national sales staff (commission basis) and limited marketing dollars.  Web site is already produced and prepared to launch with limited content October 8th.  Negotiations are already underway with ad sales firms.  There are already agreements in place for marketing with other sites, negotiations with additional sites continues.

SBMG seeks first stage investment of no more than $500,000 in small incremental stages.  Entire investment number may never be reached.  Sales and marketing backgrounds/firms would be helpful but not immediate.  Investor/partnership ownership shares to be negotiated.

LimeAll is a website aimed at helping its users refresh their relationships, friendships and letting them stay fresh and warm through its unique and innovative services.

Meeta Aggarwal, founder of LimeAll

LimeAll is aimed at helping people solve the problem of staying in touch, giving a personal feel to their communications conveniently, taking them into a new era of greetings, reminders, invitations and photos sharing.  Our services are extremely unique, innovative and include blended versions of calls, videos and photos.

Our suite of services would allow users to dedicate and play self-recorded messages followed by a song on a friend's phone, create and share musical photo albums that can be played with a personalized message and song in the background, receive birthday reminders on their phones, preset call and video greetings that would be sent automatically on a friend's birthday, send personalized invitations by uploading a video or a photo album with a personalized message and song playing in the background.  Response of our beta users has been extremely overwhelming.  We have planned several upgrades to all the existing services as well as new services like greetings on TV and mobile phones.

While conceptualizing LimeAll we have taken special care of providing only value adding services.  We have already obtained provisional patents for these services.  We have already developed a prototype you can visit at

Our most likely exit strategy is to be acquired by one of the large business software companies, like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.

We are seeking $500,000 of funding to continue to development, enhance infrastructure, payment of legal fees, publicity and promotion.

Meeta Aggarwal
Founder of LimeAll
17 Newcastle Drive
Nashua, NH  03060
Phone: 603-438-8479

Paul Martin, CEO of Software Startup, SpaceMAX based in Newton, Massachusetts

Designed to help planners maximize the value and use of space, SpaceMAX solves the problem of lost productivity suffered by both client and AEC professionals that result from unclear conveyance of requirements and expectations.

When the goal is to reconfigure current space to accommodate changing needs; to maximize workflow and throughput; to reduce "internal commuting" of personnel within a campus; or to track and manage assets across diverse spaces, SpaceMAX provides the solution.

SpaceMAX gives users an easy and clear way to specify needed space and any special needs of how spaces should interact before AEC or CAD specialists get involved.  Many AEC professionals "specialize" in particular industries because of the need to "understand" their clients' business.  SpaceMAX helps these professionals by facilitating a more direct planning phase and helping ensure a more profitable project.

SpaceMAX allows the user to optimize workflow, space-use cost effectiveness, to evaluate changes and what-if scenarios in a framework of quick-collaboration and helps organizations manage physical assets by location.

SpaceMAX has recently been used in two medical center layout planning projects and in a small commercial property management setting.  The recent story about the group of unofficial residents in Providence Place Mall illuminate just one case where information about space and who is using it and for what purpose can sometimes get lost.

We are looking for customers and approximately $500,000 in angel financing to bolster operations, sales and marketing.  We are found at:


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