Saturday, November 17, 2007

Building your online identity!

I am  struggling to keep a daily post. But hey, at least I am doing a couple of post at Twitter. Check my twitter page !

So talking about twitter. It's really a trend about how to build your personal Internet presence or Online Identity. Just like the public profile at LinkedIn, my twitter is just another public presence of my activity online. Same for facebook profile, myspace profile etc. While many Internet users may still think it has nothing to do with them as long as they can continue reading, they are missing a big favor Internet can do for them.

Since Internet can help us reaching billions of people all over the world, we all have the very reason to find out who this XYZ person really is. And every HR manager also wants to find out what else can we learn about the candidate except his/her resume before we offer an interview? We may all remember the WSJ story about a person lost the interview opportunity after HR people find his drunk photo in facebook. Dangerous, is it?

But, if you manage Internet well, it can give you many advantage. People always have a better feeling if can find some information about the other they are going to meet. Now if the guy can seemy LinkedIn profile first, I am very sure they will feel very comfortable to meet me. Imaging the feeling if you cannot find anything about someone you are going to meet, in the pre-Internet era. How do you feel?

Also since no matter what, others may write some thing about you online, like your classmate or your colleagues. And very likely they may only describe a part of you, be it positive or negative. So why dont you try to control your own identiy?

Do it. As quickly As possible. And after I updated my linkedin profile using the famous Kawasaki's tips, I will start building my profile in China now. Yep, I need it.

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