Sunday, November 18, 2007

Alternative Micro Venture Capital Fund

While initially plan to write my thought of an investment opportunity I had seen after talking with an MBA classmate who is working on her blog, I will postpone to yesterday to hold my pledge to go to sleep at 12pm. Clearly, it's 12:03 now.

A bunch of things you my dear reader may find interesting:
The strategic studies Institute,

has a very good monthly email to give you some good articles to read. I found this website by accident and find it's very good source to understand how Americans thinking and especially what's their view of China, Asian and other international topics. I have to admit I am impressed by the openess of US government as a whole. Even though they haven't open CIA yet..

Should you change your job?

This is a Chinese article at the Chinese edition of Financial Times, one of my most favorite financial news website. I put WSJ behind it because WSJ Chinese is merely a high-quality Chinese translation of their English edition. FT Chinese has much more original content produced by their Chinese employee. Very impressive.

That article is a  young freelancer's series of articles talking about the life of China's "Generation Y" or post-80's ( borned after 1980 in China). ANd this article is talking about should you change job frequently. Her conclusion is not. But I have a bit more to add on.

1. If you do not want to start your company, do NOT change your job. Assume you had chosen your first job right.
Sun zhengyao had worked in HP Taiwan for 25 years before being promoted to President of HP China. Forget about his IQ/record etc, how many people you can find in HP Asian that can speak Chinese and worked for 25 years?

2. If you do need to change job, figure out what's the SINGLE m ost important thing you want from your career?
Many asked me before should I take this offer? Should I go to work for Oracle China while I am working for IBM Chian now? Understand what you really want then decision making is a very easy thing. Sadly, many people spent even whole life try to figure out what they want...

A few more good websites that I read everyday ,or plan to:

Techcrunch, best blog tracking new startup and trends of the Internet industry
Donews, Chinese version of Techcrunch 
Hotelmarketing, you may heard my current startup is an online travel startup
Mass High Tech, if you living in Boston area

Because I read Mass High Tech, I find this event may be cool for you:

The Capital Network (TCN) Financing Roundtable for December

G'night. 12:25. Better than yesterday.

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