Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Business Plan Competition

Next Wed I will be in Beijing. After 2 years away from the fastest growing economy in the world. Had read so many news about China. Good, Bad, Positive, Negative. Finally I can see it through my own eyes.

But never really a vacation. My travel startup also reached a critical point. MB and I decided to totally focus on our alpha version development and business plan writing. The former will greatly help us to do 1) fund raising; 2)key feature testing and 3) business development. It's such a pain to explain our flash based application. Who can really get the picture about iPhone before seeing one? It's understandablly difficult to imagine something conceptually. The latter will allow us to enter a few business plaln competition. It's good since we only need to prepare business plan once and could do free marketing for us. The 3 we are going to attend are:

2008 University of San Francisco International Business Plan Competition

2008 NECINA Brown Rudnick Business Plan Contest

The Rice Business Plan Competition

Moot Corp Competition from UT Austin maybe another option.

All in all, the take is when you resource is tight, both time and money, then please allocate to the most important thing for a startup. Clearly your product as in most case.

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