Monday, December 10, 2007

Life without Google - Part 1

Finally my final was over and I can back to my normal life including blogging, twitteringand riliking(yeah, I know the name of my new startup will become a verb too just like Google did)..


One interesting thing I am experimenting now is to have an Internet life without Google. Why? I just bought a new Compaq laptop for my cousin in China at a very good price and playing with it now. It has Yahoo! everywhere: In the desktop search bar and in the default IE tool bar. So I think "ok.Let me play with Yahoo for awhile to see really how it is since everything/everyone is almost moving to Google. Let me do something different." Actually, I am a long time yahoo mail user so I knew yahoo pretty well. Also had met a good friend of mine via Yahooo classified (sadly, yahoo totally changed it afterwards...)



Let's see how it goes.

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