Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ottawa trip and Amazon Kindle

Such a (weird) feeling but I realize I don't have a website that I feel I belong to at this moment. I am thinking maybe is one because I am trying to buy a laptop at a good deal. I think with those whatever news is one that makes me feel relaxed. I think is one to do the same. I used to read everyday then I deleted it from my RSS a few weeks ago.

This moment reminds me the fact I never really devoted myself to any sport club. Be it NBA or Italian/English soccer club. I just want to watch the best play that takes either my time or my money. I would enjoy a great game between Arsenal and Manchest United or Lakers vs. Mavericks.  But there are three things I devote to: my Chinese passport, startup and my simple friendship with others.

Now a side line. I was reading the 01/2008 issue of Esquire this morning and it has a few great interview with Bob Dylan, Johnny Depp etc. Then I saw the postcard insert that "persuade" me to subscribe for $10/12 issues. Btw, my current subscription of Esquire is a $3/12 issue promotion from Why should I pay? 1) the stories are good but not non-replaceable;2)advertising pages account for a big part of the magazine? If Amazon Kindle can embrace features like those:

1.integrating user review/recommendation from to it;
2.let user exchange e-book for a limited time with friend (like iTune allows you to burn a song to CD for 5 times)
3.let reader doing web 2.0 features such as adding user review, rating a book/article, voting for/against easily
4.let user access email via Spring wireless network!
5.let user manage SMS via Spring network!

After all, not sure if already in Amazon's future plan for Kindle but please make it a lighter-than-laptop, wireless-enabled super PDA! In this way, I may buy a Kindle to replace my Dell X51 PDA rather than an Apple iTouch!

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