Tuesday, August 28, 2007

United Syndication

A nice but annoying problem. I am reading RSS feeds on my Dell Axim X51 Windows mobile 5 PDA via a freeware called Axim (Thanks,David!) and using Google Reader with my laptop. Then the thing is for every post I had read on my Dell PDA, I have to check it again in google reader so that the post is marked as read. Would be great to have prssreader automatically sync or simply there is a new extension to the RSS thing so that the feed knows which reader I am and what RSS reader program I am using so that it can automatically tell Google Reader that I had read this or that post already... But I understand this may damage the simplicity or anonymirity of RSS.

This is the good part of Microsoft Exchange. I use pop3 client in my Dell PDA to read emails and since it's web based so when I login later through a web interface to my babson email the email I had read will be displayed as read.

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