Sunday, January 28, 2007


We are almost in the middle of Mod III now. A MOD with lots of detailed operation-oriented courses such as strategic cost managemen and manage venture cash, it's relative an easy mod for me. If I could live without any start-up plan/idea, I will have a mucch easy life and could spend more time to read some interesting books such as "The queen's Gambit" by Walter Tevis. However, I can't.

Well this week is much better than last week since no additional fellowship work had been assigned to me, NN's proposal to look at the international education market caught my eyeball. It fits our background so well and it's a growing market that will last at least for next 20 years. I like its potentil and the entry barrier that it has since you really need to be an international student to understand the opportunity first. Well I learned to be more rational while feeling excited. We agreed to have two weeks study to evaluate the feasiblity as a business. We met in Sat and realized there is some challenges to design a simple yet effective business model. And we will meet again next weekend to make the final decision.

R had another final meeting and I started appreciating the potential of the travel segmentation we will target at. It could be a nice marketplace for small service providers who may never be able to list in travelocity/expedia/orbitz. It also could be an ideal place to bring surprise for individuals. That's really the core spirit of the original model. Yet I am wondering when to start the R&D process. the UI design would be key and I should spend sometime next week to scratch...

Besides above things, this week is relatively a quiet week. Oh, not really. I am so glad to learned T in my group is also thinking of doing some startups on the way he driving me back to woodland hill. Again, the besti gift I would like to receive is to know one more entrepreneur or entrepreneur-wannabe. The talk with those type of people is full of fun and joyful. I like his political tree idea and would like to see the final launch.

I am also glad to have our seond Wed tech-talk lunch session. A recent undergraduate from Austraia also joined us. It's wonderul. Since next week, We wil start having one or two people providing an in-depth presentation of a certain topic so that could lead to more insighful discussion.I am lookng foward to that!

My wireless keyboard sucks again. stop now..

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