Monday, December 18, 2006


Home, sweet home.

One week almost passed. I had some nice family food while not really too much sleep… What a surprise. I had got up once at 4:30am to catch the greyhound bus to Ottawa for my wife’s F-2 visa interview. I had got up again at 7am to have the skype meeting with folks in China. I also had one skype phone call from 12am to almost 4am with JG in Thailand then got up at 9am. Enough sleep like a pig? Far from it…

Montreal to me is the same but to my wife I know it’s much different. I really felt envy her French now. She can speak quite some sentence as well as reading newspapers. She is going to be a local Quebec resident while I am still a foreigner. I definitely should learn another language as well. Germany? Very possible since I can have Marin’s help at anytime while Spanish could be another good choice too since it’s so widely used in both South America and North America now. But the pronunciation of r will kill me…

There isn’t much news happened this week. Like a week for me to catch up various things I had missed or failed to do in last two BCAP weeks so next week will be a very productive week.

Some hints:

Business 2.0 Magazine is really a great magazine to read. It’s part of CNNMoney network.

Businessweek is great too.

I should continue my habit to read in the Library one hour everyday, to catch up all the newest stuff. It should cover books reading as well.

The other hour should be spent on techcrunch and venturebeat everyday too.

Then swimming twice a week in the weekend? Jogging every the other day?

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