Saturday, February 03, 2007


OMG, We are almost in the middle of MOD III. Can't you believe it! And I did start feeling pressure. Well, the MVC and SCS are really challening. Not in class wise but time wise. Those two do need I to devote certain time into it BEFORE the class like 2 hour per class. My strategy last semester that only reading the assignment and pay attention to the class doesn't work well this time. So now I spent about 3-4 hours per day on course preparation. If just this load, my life will still be totally fine...

My start-up plan makes my wife worse... Anyway, I skiped the DMS class on Friday for a nap at apartment and it's so good after I got up one hour later. And it made me felt SO BAD that I didn't skip the class to attend the MashUP camp two weeks ago in MIT. I will say this is one of the biggest mistake I had made here in Babson.

Interesting enough, the short conversation I had with the so-called Provost of Babson,Patricia G. Greene, at the BusinessDemo of the BacktoBabson event last year suddently pop up in my mind so here it is:

Provost: What is your business idea?
HONG: ^&^&%&^S%DF*(&S...
Provost: Had your professor taught you how to do a business pitch?
HONG: ...

Well, I understood my pitch wasn't compelling but hey, go to check curriculum first before asking. If you pay more attention to the pitch itself, you missed the whole picture.

Just an andecdote.

I had attended an event called WebInnovatorGroups @ and it's quite good. The details are in the website. I felt the passion, excitement, IT and bubble around the room. It's a cool feeling. Many may say, hey, it's bubble again. But you know what, view bubble as the catalyst. WIthout bubble, I won't be able to be here using fantastic product sucha s ZOHO office. Do you think Google is bubbled at $500 per share before?

I also decided to withdraw further research effort towrds R's idea. It's a good idea but I dont have enough time to pursue. Besides, may end the video talk with J as well as it's an expensive area with too many players. I am quite excited about the event one poped up in my mind a few days ago and I decided to puruse this one whatsever as it's really simple and effective.

Again, initiatives pay off. Trust, if you believe anything is possible and never say never without trying. you will see a totally different world..

Oh, at last, the most important part of this week is that I was invited to visit T&K's place. It's so closeby that it only takes them 5 minutes by driving to Olin hall, even faster than my walking from Woodland Hill. How badly the machiney had changed the world... ANyway, that's a very enjoyable discussion with T and I am very glad to meet mroe and more people who share similar mentality. No, don't get me wrong. I dont' mean we are the same and I dont want that. Just totally different people but similar mentality. Open, risk-taking, straight-forward... I just love it. Good period. Good week. and I will start catching up the MVC now...What's the cost of capital, Bliss?

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