Monday, April 21, 2008

The tipping point of twitter?

Twitter may already pass its tipping point in the west coast but I am not sure in the West coast. For example, when I first added Twitter app on Facebook last Nov (I started using Nov '07), I remember none(?) of my classmate at Babson is aware of it. Then things start changing:

growth of new followers at Twitter

so if you look at this traffic analysis of Twitter, you see the jump of my followers and overall user of twitter is along the same line.

growth of twitter overall from

More interestingly, I am not that actively twittering recently since school will end in one month and tons of things to be done such as final paper, job etc etc, the follower still trippled. That could be another sign that the overall user base of Twitter is increasing significantly so even for less active twitters can draw attraction. Tides rise all boats...

What's next for twitter? I'd a discussion with David the other day about the fact we are in the self-marketing age. Why I am using Twitter and blog etc? Because being a capable person isn't enough anymore. You also need to let people know you ARE. That's why Gooogle becomes so powerful. If you can make the best wine in the world (suppose you want to do a business), then it's useless if no one knows. Instead of letting people guessing or trust 3rd party information about me, I feel it's for my best interest to publish my information out first. It's my twitter, my linkedin, my blog and so on.

Then of course, all those data publishing service (twitter/blogger/linkedin/Spock) is booming as well as data discovery servicec (Google/Linkedin/Spock).

Any opportunity here?

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