Sunday, September 09, 2007

Creditcard lost

While I was buying a gift for J's birthday yesterday, I had lost my two creditcard from bank RBC and BoA at Bentley College without knowing that untile I got a phone call from bank R today. Surprisingly, R's security system detected a unusual pattern of my creditcard and called to verify. I learned Bentley kids who got my card just had a good lunch at Boston Legal Seafood. Anyway, the call took about 5 minutes. Then I called bank B. This call only last 15 seconds. I am so surprised that I can finish these 2 calls since my cell is running out of power.

What I had learned is:

R's customer service is the best of the best. And seems their IT system is also very great. while it's unfair to compare with B since Bentley kids haven't use the B creditcard to buy/pay anything yet. This reminds me a tv show "Numb3r" I had seen in this July and an IT system is drawing all the spending activities of any individual at FBI headquarter so detectives can clearly identify if there is any outliner spot in the screen. Say, you live in Boston but there is a bill spent in Ohio.

And also seems US is used to hear the news about creditcard lost...

Customer service is always important. This quick response from R certainly further improved my confidence and willingness to do more business with them afterwards. And the poor customer service of those online businesses is yet another big obstacle for them to conquor the world. Actually, recent research from Forrester named poor customer service no.1 thing failed traveler's online shopping experience. For example, if I bought a ticket of Northwest airline from Expedia and I want to change the schedule later. Whom should I call?

I think this type of offline business could be a big factor to determine the fate of startup's effort to leap from early adopter to mainstream. Sometimes early adopter is so supportive for online startups that they even ignore the poor customer service but for mainstream consumers, it's key.   WIll there be a customer service outsourcing opportunity to serve massive offline business activities for startups like call center etc? Or will there be an advanced software solution to automatically do voice-recorgnation and give consumre the answer automatically?

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