Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Steps-Buy Used Car

1. Open the front roof of engine
    - check the frame. Any accident sign?
    - check the transmission oil. Use a napkin to clean the oil at the bottom of the stick then put the stick back to oil again then take out to see the color of the oil
    - check the engine oil

2. Turn the front wheel right and left
    - go under the car to check any rust and oil leaking
    - for old car, pay attention to the CV Boot to see if it worn out

3. Check the power window and mirror if applicable

4. Drive around, check if there is any noise/sound when you hit brake/accelerator, turn right/left, reverse etc

5. Ask for:
    - when changed timing belt (it's expensive to replace one!)
    - when changed the tire
    - any work on Brake recently

6. Take to a full service center of the manufacture. Pay for a full inspection and ask the technician list top problems to fix. Either have the owner fixed at his cost or ask him deducting the price then you will fix it by yourself later.

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