Thursday, May 22, 2008

Notes taken from Boston Harbor Angels

I was sitting in the monthly meeting of Boston Harbor Angels, a leading angel group at Boston area that hosts monthly meeting at Babson College. The meeting is invitation-only but they give guests invited by Babson or other members opportunity to audit the meeting twice. For those of you from Babson that wants to enter VC industry then remember the managing director of BHA is a Babson MBA alum, Aleksandar Mollov.



So during the meeting I had talked with couple of angels about the current status of angel investment in China and their take for investment opportunities there. Feedbacks are:


Candida Brush, Director of Blank Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College

- Usually angels invest around $20K-$50K of this group, how much money you want to raise from agenl investors may bring a lot of investors to deal with

- Should talk to Professor

Jeffrey E. Sohlis Director of the Center for Venture Research and Professor of Entrepreneurship and Decision Sciences at the Whittemore School of Business at University of New Hamphsire
Ben Littauer, Founder, President, and CTO of Baranof Software 1990 – 1997. Self-funded, profitable from year two. Sold to Tally Systems.
- Angels want to be close with their portfolios to be actively involved so China is too far away
- Angels want to leverage their knowledge/network for their portfolios but few angels have intl. experience
- Regulation risks? For US foreigners invest in oversea and in China?
- Your advisory board will be as attractive as the fund and GPs
Others I'd talked to include:
Ronald Murphy, VP of STDMED, rmurphy at stdmed com
- We are raising a $50-$100M venture fund now with in-house research & development & manufacture capacity to fund ideas in the life science field
Andrew Stern, astern911 at comcast net
- "An agressive angel investor"
Martin Lowenthal, martin.lowenthal yahoo com
- the angel member with the most international experience and background
Update of 2008 ACA Summit at San Diego, CA hosted by Angel Capital Association
- Angel investors can only succeed with a portfolio including certain number of companies. less than 8 is very likely to loose money, 8-10 is reasonable return, for spectectular return need to be around 25 or more
- Angel investors in the US may not be the right group to approach but US angels in China could be the best target

Also seems the Boston Harbor Angels is strengthening the tie with Babson. In the meeting, I see a team of 7 first-year Babson MBA student from the VC/PE club is auditing the meeting and will help pre-screening bplans received.

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Anonymous said...

excellent post. graduated from babson in 2004 and wanting to get into venture. i've been thinking about getting my feet wet through angel investing. thanks for the post.