Saturday, April 21, 2007

MBA-Software Ball Play

MBA Team Back on Track, Destroys Oponent
April 20, 2007
AstroTurf Field
Babson Park, MA

On a beautiful spring afternoon (Finally!!) our softball field took the field one more time.  With the cheers from the  largest crowd to  see an intramural game (and we are not being sarcastic) and enjoying the great weather our team homered, YES HOMERED its way to a 21-3 stumping of the the AEPi team.  Exclusive press coverage was provided by Alexey “The paparazzi” Amerikov, pictures of the game to follow.

The cheering crowd led by loyal groupies Colleen and Ilya, provided the psychological boost our team needed to bounce back from last week's defeat.

Here are some of the highlights,
Our Japanese imports finally straighten out their issues with their visas and finally ended their contract disputes.
The game started in a great note after a great move from the manager to start Lauren Ratner as pitcher.  The move provided incredible results as Lauren pitched a great game with one strikeout and allowed 3 unearned runs in 5 innings.  Saul “ I just gave up 5 runs in the first inning” Shum was demoted to the minor leagues after conflicts of interest with the team management (mutiny). However, he promised to show his commitment to the team by coordinating next week's events. Also, on the defensive side of the game, Adam Finley shined at shortstop appearing to catch fly balls all over the field.

On the offensive side, our team was led by the powerful left-handed bat of Josh Weinstock that ended the game with 2 home runs and 8 rbi.  Also shinning was Caitlin “ why do you keep batting me eighth?’ Geissler that had an inside the park home run in the first inning.  We cannot forget Dave Sanborn’s home run in front of his biggest admirer, his son.   Rafa continued to display his “piƱata” swing but has able to reach base multiple times.  Our team offense clicked batting around in 3 of the 5 innings.  Special thanks goes out to honorary captain Chris “ I am the president” Burdick who played solid first base and provided refreshments to the team and the fans.  

We would also like to thank Katie Brown who trusted us enough to take the prospective women to watch our game.

We had a great time on Friday and hope that everyone that showed up did too.  We would like to invite you to our next game this Wednesday @ 5:00PM at the Rugby Field over at Olin College.  Saul will be sending an email on Monday to coordinate the players and refreshments.

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