Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Again, time flies. And I know I need to find another starting phase. Next time.

Finally identified the opportunity I want to work on with the help of Marin. Here are his comments "Oh man, I am trying to sell you this ABCD.com idea but you turn it to be a XYZ.com and I eventually bought it!" Yes, I got my idea. I started wondering where to start, which idea to choose since the day one in Babson. Considering my goal to launch a business and at least run through the two year study, I felt lots pressure to get it started. The CMDO MOD1 assignment is a big push. But unfortunately, neither my paper was elected by classmates as top 5 ideas nor did I receive any WOW from peers when I pitched in various vacations. I even attended the BizConnect exhibition which was part of the annual BacktoBabson event to present the idea I described in CMDO paper. The biggest issue I had learned is, I can't describe it clearly and shortly in one minute. I hate that but just couldn't figure out a way to concisely present. I'd tried to pitch to two professors. JB didn't give some constructive feedback but the other showed the same confusion. I didn't give up because of those disappointed pitches yet more or less I'd learned that the CMDO idea may not be the right one. If my description of it simply cannot have others understood it, how can I sell to potential investors or customers?

The idea seeking process became quiet for a short while. I kept almost a daily brain storming or idea discussion with Marin and finally got the inspiration, the sparkle. Sounds like just as every other activities, the more you practice, the better outcome will be. This is another solid example. The good news is next week we will have the annual Rocket Pitch event during which any Babson student or alumnus may present his or her business or business idea to the public. Many angel or VC investors as well as people from other businesses will attend. This is a great opportunity to learn feedbacks. Those will further shape my idea better.

Previous I'd realized that I am not a bar/party person and I must find another way to do social networking. Now I am really enjoying the benefit from my conclusion. By giving constructive and valuable feedback, I am able to gain others' trust. Surprisingly, I have quite a good relationship with couple of Indian students. Four of them are getting along through business ideas discussion and one is in my study group. Great minds think similarly. Or, I will say it's easier to find the chemistry. Soon will be an important event for South Asian communities, especially for Indian. The event is called Diwali and an event will be hosted this Saturday with Indian movie and food. It reminded me the delicious Indian dinner I had with Jing in Montreal this August.

Another significant event happened this week is the meeting with my alumni mentor. Steve is a nice guy and I feel really lucky to have him who has the industrial expertise, entrepreneurial background and just living nearby. If the only thing I would like to change, I will say to keep him in fidelity venture for a longer time. His help is incredible. He not only revised my original email to Babson alumni in VC firms (that got the alumni's feedback and I will schedule a talk next week) but also offers to review my executive summary of Rilik.com. I felt I owe him a lot and I firmly believe by helping others, you are helping yourself really. I am really looking forward to the phone call with Babson alumni next Tuesday afternoon. Maybe I can find an internship in VC firms or an introduction in the future to potential investors. This connection is huge. Thanks, Steve!

Finally, I offered to do the presentation for my study group today. Though still unconsciously trembling, I have to say it's much better than the presentation I did last time in the speech workshop. Hope the upcoming three public presentations, the Rocket Pitch Practice, the Rocket Pitch and the tech briefing speech workshop will further strengthen my presentation skills. I am very confident.

What else? I am really pissed off the service from Bank of America. And I am more surprised to read from WSJ that BoA has a wonderful quarter that significantly closer the gap with Citigroup in terms of market value. I don’t like you, BoA!

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